Recruitment Consultant Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

A recruitment consultant resume template improves the chances of candidates aiming for the position of a recruitment consultant. A recruitment consultant is a professional who provides his services to varied organizations to get good workforce with skills that match their job descriptions helping firms achieve their organizational goals. A recruitment consultant works closely with the human resources department division of firms and sources their employee needs.

Candidates should project their skills in recruitment and selection along with good communication and good aptitude. The following is a sample recruitment consultant resume template that can be used as a reference.

Sample Recruitment Consultant Resume Template


Applying for the role of _____________________ [Provide the designation applying for]

CONTACT INFORMATION:[Enter all your contact details here]

Full candidate name: _____________________________ [Enter first name followed by last name]

Permanent Address:  _____________________________ [Full home address including city, state, zip]

E-mail id:         _____________________________ [Official mail id]

Contact number:       _____________________________ [Personal mobile number]

Alternate contact number: _________________________ [Any other number in case of emergency]


I would like to seek an ambitious career in the field of human resources wherein I would like to blend my past education and prior experience in recruitment vertical of HR while working closely other talented professionals. I would like to communicate well with all the stakeholders of the company with which the recruitment division is connected.


  • University name: _____________________________
  • Degree name: ________________________________
  • Subjects studied: _____________________________ [Include the areas of specialization]
  • Grade: _____________ [Or percentage marks obtained]


  • __________________________ [Enter our interests or other activities being actively involved in]
  • __________________________ [Any responsible positions held]
  • __________________________ [Activities done during school, college, university]

WORK EXPERIENCE: [Include all relevant full time work experience details]

  • Company name: _________________________ [Latest company worked for]
  • From: __________
  • To: ___________
  • Job role: __________________________ [Designation held]
  • Name of the activity: ______________________

Assignments done: _______________________________________________________ [Tasks undertaken and achieved]

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