Respiratory Therapist Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

Respiratory therapists are those individuals who are responsible for diagnosing people with lung related problems. These individuals are specialized in pulmonary and cardiac nursing. Respiratory therapists play an integral role in health and Medicare services. Any respiratory therapist who wishes to apply for a job position in a hospital or clinic must prepare a resume which has all the details of his/her skills and qualifications. A respiratory therapist resume template is a document which explains the drafting process of a resume. Given below is a sample of a respiratory therapist resume template.

Sample Respiratory Therapist Resume Template:

Respiratory Therapist Resume

Personal details: [give the personal details of the candidate here]

Name of applicant:

Age of applicant:


Email address:

Residential address:

Phone number:

Career objective:

Looking for a job post of a respiratory therapist in a reputed lung and heart centre which would give me a chance to exercise my skills, knowledge and experience  so that i can ________[mention the goal of the individual] and help individuals suffering from lung or heart diseases.

Professional experience:    

  • I have previously worked as a ______________ [mention the post at which you have worked] in ____________ [mention the name of the medical centre or place of recruitment] for _______ [mention number of years].
  • I have gained experience by working at ______________ [mention name of hospital or medical institute] for _______ [number of years].

Academic information:

  • Pursued___________ [mention name of degree] from ___________ [mention name of college or university] which i completed in the year _______ [mention the year].
  • Pursued ___________[mention the name of post graduation program] from ___________[mention name of college or university] and completed in the year _______[indicate the year of passing out]

Skills and special expertise areas:

  • I am skilled as a ___________ [mention the skills of the individual] and am capable of performing _____________ [mention capabilities].
  • I am _________ and _____________[mention other skills]

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