Restaurant Bartender Resume Template

By | September 14, 2012

A restaurant bartender is a person who is responsible for mixing drinks for the customer. The key responsibilities that are assigned to restaurant bartenders are attending to customers asking for drinks, handling cash and credit card transactions of customers, provide quality drinks, ensure unnecessary scuffle between staff and customers as well. Thus a restaurant bartender has to be a person who is very honest and friendly while attending to customers apart from being very patient and listening to their needs carefully. A restaurant bartender resume template is a document that helps a candidate to prepare an effective resume for the said position.

Sample Restaurant Bartender Resume Template

Applicant’s name:

Residential Address:

Phone number:

Email ID:

  • Experience in bartending for the past ________[ number] years.
  • Possess thorough knowledge in all areas of restaurant, bar and hotel operations.
  • Capable of speaking many languages such as English, Spanish and French.
  • Employment Status:
  • Marital Status:
  • Date of Birth:

Career Objective[The candidate should specify career objective as given below].

Experience as a Bartender[The candidate should specify relevant work experience here].

  • Experienced and hardworking bartender, looking forward to work for a known name where I can get opportunity to keep building my career, and  demonstrate and utilize my creativity, energy and multitasking abilities.
  • Worked as a chief Bartender at

Company’s Name[mention name of the bar where worked]

From – To[mention the period of service].

  • Worked as junior Bartender at

Company’s Name[mention name of the bar where worked]

From – To[mention the period of service].

Education[The candidate should provide educational qualifications as below].

Skills[The candidate should specify the key skills here].

  • Acquired ___________[mention name of degree here] from __________[mention name of University/Institute here] in the year _______[mention year of completion here]
  • Acquired Diploma in __________[mention any additional courses undertaken here] from ________[mention name of Institute here] in _______[mention year of completion here].
  • ________________
  • ________________
  • ________________
  • ________________
  • ________________


References available on request.

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