Restaurant Manager Resume Template

By | November 11, 2012

A restaurant manager is the overall in charge of the entire restaurant and has to manage the day to affairs of the restaurant. The key responsibilities that a restaurant manager has to fulfill are estimate food supplies and ensure their stock, coordinate the activities with chefs and other staff, help the chefs in menu planning, supervise all staff members, coordinate quantity of food preparation, plan waste management, ensure sanitation and hygiene of food preparation, ensure procedural rules to be followed strictly with regard to health and safety etc.

As the role of a restaurant manager is encompassive a restaurant manager resume template as given in the sample below can be used to draft a good resume.

Sample Restaurant Manager Resume Template

Name of the Applicant

Address of the Applicant                                                                   Phone Number of the Applicant

Nationality of Applicant                                                                     E-mail Address of the Applicant


[The Applicant should provide an objective statement of skills and the strong reason why he should be hired for the said position].

I wish to grown in a top class restaurant as a restaurant manager where I can blend my experience of eight years in restaurant management and my acquired educational skills to the most fruitful use.


  • [The Applicant should provide details of educational qualifications that provide the acquired knowledge of managing a restaurant properly. The applicant should include all courses undertaken by mentioning the College/Institute details, Year of Completion and Specialization if any here].


PREVIOUS JOB TITLE :                                                      NUMBER OF YEARS OF SERVICE :

  • [The Applicant needs to provide details of employment as this is most vital in obtaining the position of a restaurant manager. The applicant should specify details as above along with the key responsibilities fulfilled on each job taken up in a bulleted manner below :


  • ___________________________
  • ___________________________
  • ___________________________
  • ___________________________
  • ___________________________

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