Sales Consultant Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

A sales consultant is one who is involved in selling products and services for organizations. A sales consultant can work in any industry in sales teams. The sales consultant resume template helps the sales professionals produce their best talents and display them in front of prospective employers. There are various strategies that are designed in the sales teams that are driven and executed by sales consultant. Candidates should know how to meet customer expectations by doing market research and analysis. Employers would look forward to candidates who have sound knowledge in customer research. Below given is a sample sales consultant resume template.

Sample Sales Consultant Resume Template


________________________ [Name of the applicant]

________________________ [Address line 1]

________________________ [Address line 2]

________________________ [Address line 3]

________________________ [Office Phone number]

________________________ [Home Phone number]

________________________ [E-mail address]


I would like to pursue my career in the field of Sales as a Sales Consultant. I wish to explore the areas such as _______________________ [provide the details of sales job specifications the candidates would like to contribute in] where I can use my skills in ________________________ [provide skills obtained from past experience] and expertise of dealing with the _______________________ [e.g., customer, dealers, partners, suppliers, etc].


  • Completed my Post-Graduation in ___________ from _________________________ [mention the name of the college or university] from the year _______ to the year _________
  • Achieved ________________________ [provide details of academic achievements]


  • Completed my Graduation in ___________ from _________________________ [mention the name of the college or school] from the year _______ to the year _________
  • Achieved ________________________ [provide details of academic achievements]


  • Company1: _______________ [Starting from the latest company, provide the details]
  • From: ______________ To: _______________
  • Position: _______________________________
  • Responsibilities: _____________________________________________________ [Areas of contribution]
  • Achievements: ______________________________________________________ [Work related awards, achievements and recognition]


  • Gained training in ___________________ [provide training details obtained from private institutions] wherein specialized study was obtained in _______________

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