Sales Manager Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

Sales Manager is required to handle the sales team and drive them to work hard. He needs to set the sales target for his team and ensure that they are able to achieve the same. One must have a good amount of experience in the sales field in order to get into this position. It is recommended to go through the Sales Manager Resume Template while preparing resume for this position.

Sample Sales Manager Resume Template


_______________ (Mention the name of the applicant)

_______________ (Mention the applicant’s contact number)


Career Objective

My objective is to work hard and take my career to newer heights. As a Sales manager, I would motivate my team and help them attain the set sales targets.
Summary of Accomplishments

___________________________________________ (Provide a summary about all that you have accomplished until now; you may include all the major achievements made at the college level, during the training programs attended by you as well as at your previous organizations).

Work Experience

I have a total of ___________ (Mention the number of months/ years) of experience working as a Pediatric Nurse.

_____________________                                          ______________________

(Specify the date of joining)                                 (Mention the name of your employer)


(Mention your current designation)

______________________________________________ (Give a summary of the major tasks handled by you at your current position)

_____________________                                          ______________________

(Mention the date of joining and relieving)        (Mention the name of the employer)


(Mention the Designation you were working at)

______________________________________________ (Give a summary of the major tasks handled by you in your last organization)

Educational Qualification

_______________________                                                ________________________

(Mention the year of passing from High School)          (Mention the name of the High School)


(Mention your major subjects during your High School)
_______________________                                   ________________________

(Mention the year of Graduating)                      (Mention the University you passed out from)


(Mention the subject in which you completed your Graduation)

_______________________                                   ________________________

(Mention the year of clearing a                           (Mention the University you passed          Higher Degree, if any)                                           out from


(Mention the subject in which you completed your Post Graduation or any other Higher Degree)

Key Skills

1 _____________________

2 ______________________

3 ______________________

(Mention your key skills related to your profession)

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