SAP Consultant Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

The role of an SAP consultant is to understand the business requirements of their clients and provide solutions to their clients that fit the SAP enterprise resource and planning model. An SAP consultant should have strong product knowledge of various modules in SAP and preferably good domain knowledge too. Candidates who would like to apply for the position of an SAP consultant should project themselves as professionals who can understand the business requirements at a greater depth and will be able to meet them with good quality that adds value to the company’s prospects. The following given resume template is for candidates aiming to become a successful SAP consultant.

Sample SAP Consultant Resume Template



Name: _____________________ [Write in Bold Uppercase]

Home Address: _________________________________________________ [Include Street, City, State, Country]

Phone number: ______________________

Email address: __________________________________

Nationality: _____________

Marital Status: _____________ [E.g., Single, Divorced, Unmarried]

Date of Birth: _______________

CAREER GOALS AND OBJECTIVES:[Mention the short term and long term goals as an SAP Consultant]

As an SAP Consultant, I would be responsible for the delivery of the various codes and functional testing of my components. I would like to work in all the RICEW components and gain familiarity and expertise with the same. I have good work experience in ______________ which would come handy in my work.


  • Completed my majors in ______________ from the _______________ University between the years ____________ and ______________
  • The percentage or GPA achieved was _____________
  • The degree awarded was _________________________________________ [name of the full degree]
  • SAP modules learnt: ____________________


  • Location: _____________
  • Organization: __________________
  • Key Role: ____________________________________
  • Interacted with ______________________ while developing designs in ____________________
  • ______________________________ [Mention your work achievements here]
  • Type of industry worked in: ____________________ [Mention the unit – Manufacturing, retail, logistics, energy, etc]
  • Mention the client size: ________________


  • Project1:
  • Name: ______________
  • Team Size: ___________
  • Onsite or offshore: ______
  • Goals achieved: __________________________
  • Project2:
  • Name: ______________
  • Team Size: ___________
  • Onsite or offshore: ______
  • Goals achieved: __________________________

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