Secondary School Teacher Resume Template

By | June 25, 2013

A secondary school teacher is an individual who teaches students from first standard till the tenth standard in a secondary school. They may be teaching one particular subject or more than one subject. Like most school teachers, a secondary school teacher also has to teach students following a particular syllabus, set question papers and check the answer sheets after an exam. An individual applying for a secondary school teacher job needs to mention his experience as a teacher and the subjects in which he specializes as a teacher.In order to draft his resume accurately, he can refer to a secondary school teacher resume template.

Sample Secondary School Teacher Resume Template

[Name of the Candidate]

Street Address ____________

City_________, State _________, Zip Code __________

Telephone number __________

Email address __________


To make a career as a secondary teacher by teaching _______________ [subjects that the candidate wants to teach] subjects.


  • College Degree

Name of the Institute/University _______________

Year of completion _______________

Specialization(if any) _______________

  • High School Diploma

Name of the institute/ school _______________

Year of completion _______________


Type of training received _______________

Name of the training institute _______________

Year of completion _______________

Core competencies:

[abilities and skills as a teacher]

  • _________
  • _________
  • _________
  • _________
  • _________


[highlights of the career of the individual as a teacher and the various awards as well as honors received]

  • Received an award for ________________ [award type] in the year _____________ by __________
  • Was honored as ___________ [type of honor received] in the year _____________ by _________
  • Achieved _____________ [type of achievement made]

Teaching experience:

[mention the various work experiences as a teacher]

As ____________ [job position]

______________ [name of the school]

__________________ [work tenure]

I was responsible for ___________________ [job responsibilities performed in that position]

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