Security Manager Resume Template

By | November 8, 2012

A security manager takes care of the security planning and crisis management of an organization. The security officer has a very critical role to play in the security coordination which is of utmost importance to many organizations. The various duties performed by security manager include handling emergency security issues, crisis management, physical security, information security, investigation of security lapses etc.

Thus the role of a security manager ensures loss of assets in an organization and ensures the safeguard of wealth in many ways.  Therefore it is essential that a security manager resume template is used to create a lasting impact on the employer.

Sample Security Manager Resume Template

Applicant Name:

Address of the applicant  :

Contact number of the Applicant  :

Email id of the Applicant  :

Career objective [The career objective of the candidate is necessary to show the EMPLOYER THAT the candidate has passion for the profession].

I want to take up the position of a security manger in a reputed organization that provides me enough scope to display my skills on the job and also grow professionally over a period of time.

summary of Qualifications [The candidate should specify all the educational qualification here].

Name of Degree                 Year of Completion             Subjects             Name of University/College

______________                 ______________                _______              ______________________

______________                 ______________                _______              ______________________

______________                 ______________                _______              ______________________

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE [the candidate shoudld provide the necessary experience that has been acquired in the security industry over a period of time in a detailed manner].

Name of the Organization              Designation            Period of service           Job responsibilities

______________                 ______________                _______              ______________________

______________                 ______________                _______              ______________________

______________                 ______________                _______              ______________________

OTHER SKILLS [the candidate should list out all the skills possessed that makes him an ideal option for the  position of a security manager in their organization].





References can be provided on professional request.

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