Senior Auditor Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Senior Auditor is required to audit the tasks done by the staff members. In most firms these auditors are assigned different departments whose work they need to audit. It is essential to have relevant experience in order to get into this position. Senior Auditor Resume Template helps in understanding as to what all should be included in the resume designed for the senior auditor’s position and what all can be left out.

Sample Senior Auditor Resume Template

____________________ (Write your name)

____________________ (Mention your mobile number)


I would ensure that proper work quality is maintained across different departments. My experience as an auditor would help me handle the given tasks efficiently.

My Strengths

  • Good analytical skills
  • Eye for detail
  • Effective communication skills

(Here the candidate needs to mention his/her key strength areas that would be appropriate for the position)

My Educational Qualification

Name Course/ Subject Year
_________________ (Name your High School) ______________  (Write the main subjects you had during high school) _______________ (Write the year of passing High School)
________________ (Name the college from where you did you bachelor’s degree) _______________ (Write the subject in which you pursued your bachelor’s degree) ___________________ (Write the year in which you completed your bachelor’s degree)
__________________ (Mention the post graduation degree you pursued) ________________ (Here you need to write the subject in which you did your post graduation degree ) __________________ (Write the year in which you completed your post graduation degree)

My Work Experience

Name ____________ (Name the organization you are employed at)
Designation _____________ (Mention the designation you are working at)
Date of joining ______________ (Mention your year of joining)

Major Job Duties

_______________________________________ (Here you need to write the main job duties handled by you at this position)

(In the same format as above, you may mention about any other company you have worked with)

My Hobbies

  • Playing basketball
  • Cycling
  • Writing

(Here the candidate needs to mention his/her interest)

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