Senior Nurse Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

A senior nurse resume template is a document which can be used by anyone to frame their own resume by the way of merely filling the blanks or following the instruction given in the brackets. The individual employed at the position of a senior nurse must possess a number of educational qualifications and skills. To reach out to the employers the applicant must frame an appropriate resume.

Sample Senior Nurse Resume Template


Name: ____________________

Career Objective: [Start the resume by giving the goal you have in mind when you are applying for the position and why you have chosen the respective organization].

I wish to be a part of the prestigious organization and help in achieving all of the goals set by the superiors while also expanding my pool of knowledge.

Academic Background: [In this part, give the details of your academic background.]

  • I attained high school education from _____________ [name of the respective high school] with a score of _______________ [give the score you achieved]
  • I attained graduation from ______________ [name of the college/ institution] in ______________ [give the field or subject of major].

Achievements and Awards: [In this section give a brief description of your academic or any other awards or achievements]

  • I was adjudged ______________ [give the name of the award e.g. best student etc.]

Professional Background: [In this part provide the details of your work experience]

  • I was associated with _______________ [name the institution or organization where employed] as a _____________________ [name the job position/ title] for a period of ____________ [give the period for which you were employed there.]

Personal Details: [In this part of the resume provide your personal details such as those listed below]

Fathers’ Name: _________________

Address: ______________________ [provide full correspondence address with postal code]

Contact No.: ___________________

Mobile No.: ___________________

Email Address: _________________

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