Set Designer Resume Template

By | February 5, 2013

A set designer resume template requires to be framed with the necessary and relevant details of set designing and related aspects, as practiced by the respective candidate. The job of a set designer, in general, is to design and manage the various artificial setups for movies, theaters, soaps and serials, live shows, and/or such artistic events. The designer has to thoroughly learn the requirements and objectives of the particular event and plan the set accordingly. Hence a set designer resume template must be one that effectively details the creative aspects of the individual’s career and his/her general flair for designing varied sets, apart from the basic educational qualifications and training, presented in a clear and comprehensive manner that appeals to all job-providers.

Sample Set Designer Resume Template:

___________________________________ [Mention the full name of candidate here in block letters]

Address: _____________________

Contact No.: ___________________

Email address: _________________

Personal Details:

Date of birth: ____

Age: _________

Gender: _____ [M/F]

Personal Summary:



[Describe personal traits and abilities briefly in this section]

Other Important Information:

__________________________________________________________[mention anything necessary to be brought to the employer’s knowledge, such as any disease, etc.]

Creative Objective:

[mention the objectives of the candidate as a set designer in the particular organization]

To acquire the prestigious position of a Set Designer in _______________________ [area of set designing or specific event title] for ____________________________ [company or employer’s name]

Preferable areas of work would be ______________________________________.

Key Skills and Competencies:

[give genuine details in the respective task, as possessed by the candidate]

Designed over ___ [provide proper count] sets for theaters/movies/serials/others ______________ [tick the relevant option or mention the area of skill, if other].

Proficient in _________________________________ [mention specific areas of expertise]

Implemented designs such as _________________________________________ [give details of unique set-designing skills executed by the candidate]

Skilled to perform ___________________________________


[give details of miscellaneous abilities of the candidate]

Excellent communication skills, writing abilities, creative approach, observational nature, management skills and organizational abilities, leadership quality, __________________________________ [give details of other specific traits]

Professional History:

Worked as ________________ [position held/designation] at _______________ [company name] during ________[month], __ __ __ __ [y][y][y][y] to ____________ [month], __ __ __ __  [y][y][y][y]

Completed projects such as __________________________________  [mention the names of projects worked upon as set designer] at _____________ [company name]


  • ___________________________
  • ___________________________

[give details of awards and recognition earned at the company/organization worked at]

 Other Professional Career Information:


Educational Qualifications:

Name of Degree    Institute Name    Marks/Grades Obtained      Year of Education/Course








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