Stationary Engineer Resume Template

By | February 11, 2013

A stationary engineer generally performs the job of supervising machinery and their proper operations, safety and utilization, maintenance and controlling various processes, equipments, etc. The task involves thorough knowledge in a plethora of subjects and the ability to implement them in practice, since environmental conditions such as heat, temperature, etc. form an extremely important aspect of stationary engineering. Hence, the resume of a stationary engineer must comprise of all these necessary skills and education required to qualify as one. A stationary engineer resume template must, therefore, include all the essential guidelines for preparing such resume with relevant information and be presented in the most appropriate pattern.

Sample Stationary Engineer Resume Template:

Name of Candidate: ______________________

Age: _______ years

Gender: ______ [M/F]

D.O.B: __ __/ __ __/ __ __ __ __

[Provide all the necessary details in these spaces]


Personal Summary



[This section of the resume must contain information regarding the traits possessed by the candidate applying for the job of a stationary engineer]


Professional Experience:

[This section of the resume template provides a basis for incorporating all relevant and essential details related to the job profile of the applicant]


Career History:

Company worked at: _____________________________

Years of service: _____________

Duties and responsibilities handled: _________________________________________

Reason for leaving: ______________________________________

Other Professional Details: _____________________________________________

Skilled at _____________________________________

[list the major areas of proficiency of the candidate]


Possesses knowledge of :–

  • Implementation and uses of equipments such as ______________________
  • Electrical control systems
  • Thermodynamics
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair, managing performance diagnostics
  • Understanding, observation, interpretation, and communicative skills, as well as practical application of stationary engineering
  • ___________________________________________________

[mention other areas of specific knowledge as required at the job front]


Educational Background:

  • Completed High School at: _______________________ [name of the institute]

Score/ Grades obtained: _____________

Year of passing: __ __ __ __ [mention the year in which the candidate passed high school]

Academic session: _____________ [starting month at High school], __ __ __ __  [y][y][y][y] to _____________ [last month of attending high school], __ __ __ __ [y][y][y][y]

  • Acquired Bachelor’s degree in ______________ [name of the specific course] at _____________ [name of college/ graduation school]

Grades/ marks obtained: ____________

Year of acquiring degree: __ __ __ __

  • Completed Master’s/others _______________ [specify if any other course] from __________ [provide the name of the college/university here]

Marks acquired: _____________

Year of passing: __ __ __ __

  • Any other course pursued? Yes/ No. If Yes, give details below:




Academic Certifications/Rewards:


[mention specific achievements, if any, during academic career]



  •  ___________________________________
  •  ___________________________________
  •  ___________________________________

[Provide minimum two references from previous places of work]


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