Student Resume Template

By | September 9, 2011

Looking for a student resume template? Then let me tell you that a student resume template is quite simple, unlike those meant for the experienced professionals. However, before downloading a particular resume template for students, you need to know the basic things that should be included in a student resume template. Read on to know more.

Some of the sections that are mandatory for good resume templates for students include the career objective section, academic attainments section, the section dealing with the student’s skill set and finally, co-curricular activities section. Including all these sections in your resume will surely increase your chances of landing up with a good entry-level job.

Like for example, you should include your career objectives and willingness to take and handle responsibilities in the career objective section. In the academic section, do not forget to include the degrees obtained along with the school and college names and year of completing each degree. You can also provide all the professional training and certification courses that you have pursued under this section.  Finally, mention your language and computer proficiency skills that are relevant for the position you are applying for in the skill set section and your participation in various co-curricular activities in school and college in the co-curricular activities section.

So these are some of the categories that should be included in student resume templates.

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