Student Resume Template

By | June 16, 2010

Having a good resume is the first step for any job search to be successful and yield results. A resume is like a first impression of the prospective employer about the applicant. A good resume should always be to the point and interest the employer. More important is the way applicant presents his/her skills and strengths to capture employer’s attention.

Student Resume Template

Emily Edwards

101, Prince Square



Mobile No. +001 572 8367 806

Telephone No. +001 975 755 600

Career Objective: I am looking for a placement in a reputed organization that can utilize my skills and provide opportunities to showcase my strengths, enabling mutual growth professionally.

Educational Background:

2005– 2008: Bachelor of Science – University of Texas, Texas

2008 – 2010: Master of Science – University of California, California

Work Experience:

Summer 2008 – Aim Products Inc, California

As part of Bachelors academic project, I have worked with Aim Products Inc, California as a Marketing Executive – Trainee. I was involved in survey of the market to understand the need for various kitchen products and provided statistical report to the company for most in demand products.

Summer 2009 – Goal Media Marketing, California

I have worked with Goal Media Marketing, California as summer trainee. My job profile included the responsibility of interacting with clients for “after service” tasks. I used to track the clients for their feedback and provide the inputs to senior marketing executives.


My statistical report presented to Aim Products Inc was widely appreciated and it helped the company in focusing on specific products to achieve more profit.


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