Technical Consultant Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

A technical consultant is an expert in modeling businesses using computer languages and packages. The technical consultant is well known to have widespread knowledge of computer applications and their necessity in business dynamics. Candidates who are aiming to become technical consultants should consider doing their education in computer related courses and then through a combination of work experience and apprenticeships should gain relevant education and expertise.

Candidates are also required to show their excellent communication skills and time management skills if they would like to gain good job position. Below given is a sample technical consultant resume template.

Sample Technical Consultant Resume Template


Name of the Candidate:


To work as a technical consultant and because I have enough experience in handling technical information, I look forward to being one of the topmost contributors for the position of a technical consultant and even beyond. I would like to choose an organization that focuses on employee learning and organizational growth.


  • Communication skills: ______________________ [E.g., excellent, conversant, decent, etc]
  • Work experience skills: _____________________________________ [related to the position applying for]
  • Testing and implementing skills: __________________________________
  • Modules known in SAP: ________________________________________________
  • Tools that have knowledge of: ________________________________ [Related to SAP tools and materials]


Year ________ to ___________

  • Company: ____________________________
  • Responsibilities: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Designation: ___________________________
  • Achievements: ____________________________________________________

Year ________ to ___________

  • Company: ____________________________
  • Responsibilities: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Designation: ___________________________
  • Achievements: ____________________________________________________


Project1: __________________________________________

Project2: __________________________________________

ACTIVITIES: [Provide details about your projects held all through your academic career and even beyond that]

  • Apprenticeships: _________________________________
  • Projects: ________________________________________
  • Summer Project: __________________________________
  • Winner Projects like: ______________________________


  • Took part in competitions like ________________________
  • An active volunteer of the following ___________________________________
  • Submitted a written paper on ____________________________________________ to _________________________

PERSONAL DETAILS:[Provide the details for contact]

Employment Status: ________________

Date of Birth: _______________ [ In DD/MM/YYYY format]

E-mail address: _________________________

Phone: ____________________ [Add the STD/ISD code before the number]

Location: ____________________ [Share the exact location where the candidate was writing the letter]

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