Top 10 Professional Resume Templates

By | November 11, 2012

Resume templates help a candidate in drafting a great resume that creates the right impact on the employer. It is for the candidate to check out the various kinds of resume templates and then choose the one that perfectly fits the profile on the basis of various considerations.            The candidate should make a prudent choice from among the 10 most professional resume templates available as given below –

  1. Academic resume templates – These are resume templates that focus on the educational qualifications and should be chosen by candidate belonging to research, medical or management field.
  2. Business resume templates – These templates are ones that focus on the professional associations and achievements and are best used by sales and marketing candidates.
  3. Skills resume template – These resume templates highlight the skills of the candidate and can be used by any candidate that has less educational qualifications but more experience.
  4. Basic resume templates – These templates are suggestive of only the basic information such as education, personal profile etc. These can be used by candidates who are new comers in any field.
  5. Professional resume template – This is a resume template that gives all the information in the resume in a detailed manner and used by candidate seeking higher positions.
  6. Management resume template – as the name suggests this resume template is useful for candidates seeking top positions such as director or head of department of a company.
  7. Graduate resume template – This template can be used for any position but by those candidate that have completed graduation.
  8. Student resume template – This type of resume template is useful for students seeking an internship position in an organization.
  9. Medical resume template – This type of resume templates are suitable for candidates seeking job opportunities in the medical profession.
  10. International resume template – This type of resume template is used by candidate seeking a job position in an International company and has to provide additional details such as visa status, resident status etc.

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