Top 10 Skills to Put on a Resume

By | November 5, 2012

A resume is the first medium through which an employer understands the suitability of a candidate for a position available in the organization. While there are many factors that the employers consider in a resume, one of the most important factor is the skills set that the candidate mentions. It is only through the skills specified by the candidate that the employers finalize the right candidate for the right job.

As skills are the most important part of a resume one should focus on giving apt details on the skills possessed. Some of the top 10 skills that employers look for in the candidates are:-

1)      Communication skills – It is needless to say that every candidate should have good oral and written communication skills which are the foremost requirement in any organization.

2)      Analytical skills – These skills are essential for research or finance oriented job positions.

3)      Technical skills – These skills are a must for the candidate seeking a job in a software or computer company.

4)      Leadership skills – The employers look for these skills when the position is of a supervisory nature and requires the candidate to play a commanding role.

5)      Interpersonal skills – These skills are necessary for the candidate to maintain an amicable relationship with all the employees in the organization and a must have quality that employers seek.

6)      Problem solving skills – Though this is not a mandatory skills that a candidate needs to mention many employers try to assess the capabilities of the candidate in a stressful situation that involves resolving issues.

7)      Planning and Organizing skills – These skills are most basic and expected by every employer to ensure smooth flow of work in the organization.

8)      Teamwork skills – This is a very important skill that employers seek in candidates these days as they want all staff members to work in a coordinated manner.

9)      Managerial skills – These are skills that are required when candidates are applying for a higher position.

10)  Negotiation skills – These skills are a must for those candidates seeking a job in sales and marketing companies.

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