Top Ten Technical Resume Writing Tips

By | November 28, 2012

Resume writing is one of the most important points that helps a candidate get success with employ ability It is only a well drafted resume that leaves a good impression on the employer and increases the chances of being hired. While most of the resumes have the same content, the difference lies in presentation of the resume in a unique manner.

A technical resume is one that displays the technical skills of the candidate. This resume is usually used by candidate that possesses technical skills. There are some essential things that can help in writing a technical resume. Anyone can build a very good resume by keeping these top 10 technical resume writing tips in mind. They are:-

1)      The resume should begin with the technical skills that the candidate has in a clear point wise manner.

2)      The career summary of the candidate is very important to p [provide the skills that the candidate has and should match with the requirements given by the company.

3)      The employment history in a technical resume should reflect the duties or projects worked on that help employer understand technical expertise of the candidate.

4)      A technical resume should not be too lengthy as the employer will hardly have any time to read the entire resume of so many applicants.

5)      The candidate should remember not to include too much of unwanted information such as driving license number, residential status or marital status etc.

6)      The formatting of the resume should be perfect so that it seems professional.

7)      The resume should highlight all the technical skills which catches the eye of the employer.

8)      The resume objective is also a very important aspect and should very clearly and objectively define the long term career objective of the candidate that matches with the organizational goal.

9)      It is best to proof read ones resume so that all errors and mistakes are rectified before sending the resume to the prospective employer.

10)  Lastly remember to provide all the vital personal information such as address or contact number in a candid and correct manner so that employer can reach out when necessary.


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