Travel Consultant Resume Template

By | August 10, 2012

A travel consultant plays an important role of promoting and recommending various travel destinations. Travel consultants are employed by different travel agencies for consulting with clients, networking with tour operators, handling customer issues etc. Hence, it is extremely important for such an applicant to present his/her capabilities efficiently to grab attention of the recruiter. This could be done by using a travel consultant resume template which comprehends the task of preparing a resume template.

Sample Travel Consultant Resume Template

Personal details (mention required information about personal background.)
Candidate’s name:

Residential address:

Mobile number:


Date of birth:

Career Objective

With my skills and professional experience in planning travel itinerary, I want to secure the position of a travel consultant in a repute travel agency. Moreover,                         [Develop the career objective properly so that it would match perfectly with job requirement]

Educational background

  • Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Arts- travel and tourism from                                 [name of the institution/university] in the year                         .
  • Passed high school degree from                      [name of the institution] in the year             .
  •                                   [specify other advanced professional degrees, if any, has been acquired by the candidate]

Computer skills

  • Has knowledge on                               [mention the candidate’s knowledge on computing and also specify if any certifications related to computer literacy has been acquired.]

Professional experience[specify the name of every organizations where the candidate has worked earlier on a particular period of months or years and also specify the responsibilities performed by him/her.]

  • Worked as                              [name of the job designation] at                             [name of the organization where the applicant has worked earlier] from          to         [years or months].

Job duties performed:

  1.                    .
  2.                    .
  3.                     .
  • Worked as                           [name of the organization] at                             [name of the organization where the applicant has worked earlier] from               to             [years or months].

Job duties performed:

  1.                 .
  2.                 .

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