Wedding Consultant Resume Template

By | February 10, 2013

A wedding consultant resume template must be designed in such a manner that it comprises of the essential traits possessed by an individual with relation to the job of wedding consultancy. This includes knowledge of the various types of wedding generally held and their respective characteristics, norms and regulations, organizational abilities, management skills, etc. The resume should also incorporate details of the consultant’s skills in all sorts of wedding preparations, supervision in related jobs and providing consultancy in administering various details of the wedding, hospitality, and such other talents. Companies providing such jobs require professional resumes to be submitted, whereas wedding consultants who run their individual organizations may afford to prepare a slightly informal resume.

Sample Wedding Consultant Resume Template:

[Name of Candidate]

[Mailing address with pin-code]

Email id:

Blog (if any):

[The details of the respective candidate, as necessary, have to be provided here]

Professional Experience

  •  _______________________________________
  •  _______________________________________
  •  _______________________________________

[The job experiences, extraordinary achievements, duties and responsibilities handled, and unique services provided by the candidate as a wedding consultant in different firms and companies are to be mentioned here]

Areas of Expertise

  • ___________________________
  • ___________________________
  • ___________________________

[The various specific areas related to wedding consultancy in which the individual happens to be most skilled are to be put in here]

Academic Qualifications

Name of Degree                                  Grades                           Year of Passing

1. ____________________               ________                      _____ to _____

2. ___________________                 ________                      _____ to _____

3. ___________________                 ________                      _____ to _____

[The education acquired by the consultant must be presented here in a certain order of sequence.]

Training and Certifications



[Details of special training acquired for wedding consultancy and/or certificates won by the individual must be mentioned and/or attached here.]



Personal Summary



[Herein the aspiring wedding consultant needs to mention in brief the details of his unique competencies and skills, personal traits, nature or behavior or such details that help present his/her personality]


[Applicant’s signature]

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __ __ __

[d][d] [m][m] [y][y][y][y]


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