Welder Fabricator Resume Template

By | August 10, 2012

A welder fabricator is an individual who is responsible for doing welding as well structural fabrication jobs. They provide welding for a variety of materials by using raw materials like cast iron, aluminum, steel, plastic, copper and other useful materials.  They may also have to sometimes maintain a record of the work done and tools used. A welder fabricator resume template is a document that gives the structure of the resume to be drafted by an individual applying for the position of a welder fabricator.

Sample Welder Fabricator Resume Template

Name of the applicant: ______________

Address: Street address __________City __________ State __________ Post code

Contact number: ______________

Mobile phone number: _______________

Email id: ______________

Date of birth: ________________

Gender: ___________________

Career profile:

I am a highly skilled and technically trained individual with __________________ [number of years] of experience in the welding and fabricating industry and also immense experience in doing repairing and maintenance work. I am seeking for the position of a welder fabricator in a reputed organization where I can exercise _______________________ [mention the specific skills and knowledge that the individual wants to apply] for the benefit of the organization.

Academic background:

•           Completed High School  Diploma from _________________[name of the school] in the year                          _______________ [year of completion of schooling]

•           Underwent training  in _____________ [subject in which the individual underwent training] from ______________ [name of the educational institute] in the year ______________ [year of completion]

Work experience:

•           Worked in the position of a welder fabricator in ________________ [name of the organization] from _________________ to ____________________. I was responsible for:




[specify the various job functions in that organization]


  • __________________
  • ____________________
  • ___________________

[various certifications received by the individual]


  • Reading
  • Playing football
  • ____________
  • ___________


Can be provided upon request.

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