What are the Best Resume Templates to use

By | November 23, 2012

Resume is a summary of the profile of the candidate. Everyone feels that all resumes are more or less the same. But this is a wrong notion. Each resume is different and varies according to the profile of the candidate. While the details that go into building a resume is similar it is the way it is drafted that makes it different. Resume templates are a great way to make ones resume seem different and unique to the employers.

So which is the best resume template to choose from among so many different types? Well the answer lies in looking at some of the finer aspects of making use of resume templates to build a resume. Anyone can make use of the best resume template to transform it into a great one that perfectly matches the profile of the candidate. Some of the guidelines to be borne in mind are as follows :-

  • It is best to have a sample resume template to begin working on creating ones resume. There are many resume templates that are available for download on the internet and choose one that suits your profile the most.
  • A good resume template is one that is of average length which is not more than two pages. There is no need to add too much information and provide only necessary details.
  • The resume template which makes use of moderate fonts and pleasing colors is the best. A candidate should not make use of too much of bold font and gaudy colors that leave a negative impression on the employers.
  • The resume template that is neatly organized in readable paragraphs is one of the best resume templates and gets more visibility with the employers.
  • Lastly ensure that a resume template is not copied from somewhere and which has not been modified to suit the individual profile of the candidate


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